About MyHRGoal.com

MyHRGoal.com (as described and identified at the foot of this Agreement) is an innovative service aimed at providing a networking platform for all those working in the Human Resource management sector within medium and large-sized businesses, acting as a real, unique and exclusive collaboration tool. This offers the opportunity to start professional collaborations, exchange ideas, conduct benchmarking activities, seeking and/or providing professional advice, sharing corporate practices, updating one's professional training skills and much more. By mere way of example, MyHRGoal.com may provide, through the virtual platform www.MyHRGoal.com, functions and services for the management of: contacts, Q&A, repositories, geolocation maps on contacts and companies, agenda and task manager, focus groups on HR culture, and any other service developed thereafter (the “Services”).

Who can subscribe to MyHRGoal.com

Subscription requests to MyHRGoal.com and the related Services may only be submitted by HR managers operating within medium and large-sized businesses who do not pursue directly, with their professions, purposes of a commercial nature. Subscription to MyHRGoal.com will therefore be aimed solely at pursuing training, benchmarking and professional exchange purposes in relation to one's profession. Subscription requests are evaluated and approved or rejected at the final discretion of MyHRGoal.com, in its capacity as holder of all rights both in relation to the Services and software and intellectual property. Professionals and managers from Partner firms intending to explicitly or implicitly pursue development purposes and interests of a commercial nature (including also the professional purposes of freelance professionals) may, on the contrary, submit a subscription request to MyHRGoal. com by duly completing the necessary profiling procedure. Such request will be evaluated by the MyHRGoal.com Staff, who in the event of subscription confirmation or denial will respectively inform the Partner. The services available, in this case, will be present exclusively in the MyHRGoal.com area dedicated to discussion Business Groups, all other areas being excluded. It is specified that the services of the “Groups” area dedicated to professionals, managers and companies belonging to Partner firms may explicitly pursue and engage in purposes other than those dedicated to User HR managers. The said subscription requests are also evaluated and approved/rejected at the final discretion of MyHRGoal.com and are stipulated through a different and separate agreement of a commercial nature with MyHRGoal.com which may, if necessary, include costs and financial commitments adjusted according to varying degrees of progression. Any improper attempted intrusion into MyHRGoal.com Services, for purposes other than those expressly set out in this Agreement, may be subject to prosecution pursuant to the legal regulations currently in force and will result in the immediate deactivation of any activated login account.

MyHRGoal.com is a safe work tool

From a technological point of view, MyHRGoal.com uses server infrastructures aimed at ensuring the security of all data and of all transactions and activities on the WEB. MyHRGoal.com works on a daily basis to keep such a level of security and reliability constant and safe from viruses and any sort of unauthorised technological and individual interference not in line with the requirements imposed by MyHRGoal.com. Any form of illegality found in the content or in the transactions enabled by MyHRGoal.com Services will be immediately isolated and reported to the competent authorities.

MyHRGoal.com Licence Agreement

1. How to register with MyHRGoal.com

The user (the '”User”) who signs up and registers a profile through his/her account acknowledges that he/she is activating a legally binding agreement, where so approved, with MyHRGoal.com, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and of MyHRGoal.com Privacy Policy, to be understood, for all intents and purposes, as an integral part of this Agreement. The User acknowledges that the terms and conditions referred to in this Agreement may be subject to changes, including without the User's consent, which will be made available and notified from time to time through access to MyHRGoal.com Services. In order to register with MyHRGoal.com it is mandatory to comply with all the laws applicable to one's Country and to accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Users will confirm their acceptance by registering a profile within the portal and providing their electronic signature to the terms and conditions for use referred to in this Agreement and the Privacy Policy which forms an integral part of the same Agreement. In any event, MyHRGoal.com reserves the right to subject the signature of the same Agreement to the prior verification of the User's formal requirements: in particular, in such cases, the Agreement will be subject to the condition precedent of the User's receipt of a notice of activation of the login account, containing the instructions, username and provisional password, with which MyHRGoal.com, after having verified the formal requirements declared by the User, will confirm acceptance of the registration. Under no circumstances will MyHRGoal.com proceed with the substantial verification of the User's requirements, the accuracy and truthfulness of which will remain under the User's sole responsibility. All profiled Users have the right to withdraw from MyHRGoal.com Services at any time and request the immediate cancellation of the personal and corporate details present in their profile. In order to be able to use all MyHRGoal.com Services, it is necessary to register a personal login account which must mandatorily include, only in the initial stage, one's corporate e-mail address and password, which can subsequently be changed at any time by the User, but only after the activation of his/her account. The first-time access to MyHRGoal.com enables the User to declare, under his/her own responsibility, the elements comprising the personal data description and the corporate membership of his/her profile. Any false or mendacious declaration will be subject to prosecution pursuant to the terms of the law and will result in the immediate deactivation of the account. The use of MyHRGoal.com for the purposes of professional interest managed on behalf of one's company does not exclude the personal liability relating to any conduct and declarations that may be submitted through the use of MyHRGoal.com and defined through this User licence agreement. Those who do not wish to become a MyHRGoal.com user, and thus fully comply with the provisions and guidelines of this Agreement, must not accept and must not fulfil/complete their request for subscription to MyHRGoal.com. Accordingly, they will not be entitled to access and use in any shape or form, whether direct and/or indirect, the opportunities made available by MyHRGoal.com Services and channels. Otherwise, by requesting the completion of their profile and its activation, Users declare to have acknowledged and understood the nature of the restrictions they are subject to under the provisions set out in this Agreement.

2. The User's requirements

MyHRGoal.com grants its user licence solely to HR managers operating within medium and large-sized businesses who do not pursue, directly through their profession, purposes of a commercial nature and pursue the exclusive interest of engaging in professional training, exchange and sharing activities related to their profession as specified in the Preamble. Users entering into this Agreement must be at least 18 years of age, must not have been previously banned from using MyHRGoal.com Services, must not engage in any direct and/or indirect competition with MyHRGoal.com Services and must be in full possession of their mental and professional abilities. It is reiterated that HR managers must be active and employed within a medium or large-sized business, or be in possession of the required proxies, including on a provisional basis, or act in the capacity of Partner/Student authorised by MyHRGoal.com. Furthermore, they must not have more than one access to MyHRGoal.com Services nor transfer their login credentials - defined as being of a strictly personal nature - to any third parties. In addition, they must accept to independently equip themselves with the hardware and software tools capable of taking full or partial advantage of the Services provided by MyHRGoal.com (web cam, Internet connection, microphone, etc.) as supplied.

3. User's Authorisations

The information and data (the “Content”) provided by the User through the use of MyHRGoal.com and MyHRGoal.com Services must be truthful, not confidential and must not breach any contractual or legal obligations incumbent on the User or any Third parties. The User grants to MyHRGoal.com a non-exclusive, irrevocable right, without time limitations and/or restrictions of a geographical nature in relation to the information, content and materials provided. Likewise, the aforesaid right must be deemed, for all intents and purposes, to be capable of being transferred and used by MyHRGoal.com including for any purposes that may not be directly linked to the purposes of the current and future Services, without however being for this reason eligible for any compensation and/or economic advancement for the User or any Third parties involved by the User. The information submitted by Users is therefore exposed to the risk of loss for the Users themselves and can be used by MyHRGoal.com in any manner, including with commercial purposes, through current and future techniques and channels. It remains understood that Users, with the signature of this Agreement and the subsequent subscription to the Services made available by MyHRGoal.com, may, depending on the Service and for the enjoyment of the same, be required to include, under their own responsibility, their own personal details and Content, if any, including where shared with other Users.

4. Access to MyHRGoal.com Services

Users of MyHRGoal.com Services are required to take all the necessary precautions in order to protect and store their login credentials (comprising a username and password); the login credentials to MyHRGoal.com are of a personal nature; Users may not transfer, whether free of charge or for valuable consideration, their own login credentials to third parties nor are they entitled to use the login credentials of other registered Users (e.g. a colleague from their company); Users will be personally liable for any fraudulent use of their account unless they are able to prove that the security of their account was compromised for reasons that may not be directly or indirectly attributed to them. Users may deactivate their account at any time, both on account of personal or professional reasons, such as, for example, in the event of circumstances that make the use of the Service no longer capable of ensuring the security levels required by the same Service as specified in paragraph 6 of this Agreement. Likewise, Users may not transfer or delegate or waive any of the rights or obligations arising from the Agreement. MyHRGoal.com may freely transfer or delegate all the rights and obligations by virtue of the Agreement, wholly or partially. Consequently, MyHRGoal.com may replace this Agreement, including partially, with a unilateral novation, having validity solely following notification to the User, with a third party who will undertake all or a part of the rights and undertakings entered into through this Agreement.

5. The User's obligations

The request and fulfilment of the subscription to MyHRGoal.com are based upon the assumption that the Users of the MyHRGoal.com Services have read, understood and accepted the general terms and conditions of this Agreement, thereby undertaking, aside from adhering to the Agreement itself, to do as follows:

  • comply with all applicable laws, including, without limitation, privacy laws, intellectual property laws, export control laws, tax laws and regulatory requirements in force in their own Country;
  • provide truthful personal and professional information and update it if necessary;
  • view, accept and adhere to the privacy policy which forms an integral part of this Agreement;
  • use the Services, channels and opportunities provided by MyHRGoal.com in a professional and fair manner;
  • consult and, if applicable, accept and adhere to the notices sent by MyHRGoal.com, through the communications disclosed by the platform, with regards to the supplementary Services that may be updated or released ex novo over time into MyHRGoal.com channels or into the channels associated therewith, whether current or future.

Furthermore, Users undertake to refrain from the following:

  • acting in a dishonest or non-professional manner by engaging in inappropriate conduct through the publication on MyHRGoal.com of inadequate, inaccurate or questionable content;
  • making statements of an offensive and/or abusive or slanderous nature addressed to individuals or legal entities and/or their services and/or their opinions; issuing political, religious or anti-religious declarations and declarations that are in any event of a slanderous and/or racial nature against any race, gender, type and/or category through the use of MyHRGoal.com Services and channels;
  • publishing copyright material, publishing any material with pornographic content, infringing copyright laws or reproducing and/or distributing material without the express authorised and informed consent of the legitimate owners;
  • including external links having the sole aim of promoting products and services with purposes of a commercial nature, including when these relate to the HR management sector without a specific authorisation to be requested via e-mail at the address partnership@MyHRGoal.com;
  • promoting directly or indirectly the sale of products and services of entities (Individuals and/or Companies) not directly linked to those present and authorised in the "Groups" area of MyHRGoal.com without a specific authorisation to be requested via e-mail at the address partnership@MyHRGoal.com;
  • generating a user profile not related to one's person or assuming a false identity containing false information of a personal and/or professional nature;
  • inviting unknown people to join their network;
  • using or attempting to use other people's accounts;
  • loading, publishing, sending e-mails, submitting or otherwise making available or giving rise to any content which:
    • erroneously represents, personifies or otherwise misrepresents their identity, including but not limited to, the use of a pseudonym, or misrepresents their current or previous roles and qualifications or their affiliations with a certain individual or entity, whether past or present;
    • includes information that they have no right to reveal or disclose in compliance with a law or within the scope of contractual or fiduciary agreements (such as inside information or confidential information learned or disclosed in the course of a professional collaboration or by virtue of confidentiality agreements, including any private or confidential information relating to their company);
    • falsifies registrations or otherwise manipulates identities in order to conceal the source of each notice submitted with MyHRGoal.com Services;
    • creates profiles or provides Content for the promotion of escort or prostitution services, even if the same are legal in the place where Users are located;
  • using the Services available on MyHRGoal.com in order to harm or harass another user or other people in general;
  • using the Services available on MyHRGoal.com to send unsolicited communications by way of spam messages or chains or multilevel marketing;
  • uploading profile pictures that do not correspond to one's person;
  • uploading/publishing/disclosing, for whatever reason and through MyHRGoal.com channels, content in breach of confidentiality rights, protected by copyright, which makes improper use of trademarks and which is generally protected by rights under private law;
  • including unsolicited advertisements and forms of improper solicitation which, through MyHRGoal.com channels and Services invite Users to network and exchange communications for purposes that are not directly linked to the purposes of MyHRGoal.com Services as described in the Preamble to this Agreement;
  • voluntarily spreading, including through a careless use of electronic messages containing software with trojan horses, viruses, worms or other computer codes, files or programs capable of technologically interfering with MyHRGoal.com channels and Services or capable of acquiring confidential information available in the profiles of other Users or causing damage to MyHRGoal.com servers and Services and/or to the computers of other Users;
  • consulting the documents and Content, in general, published on the MyHRGoal.com virtual platform for purposes other than their own personal ones, or for directly or indirectly commercial purposes.

The following is also prohibited:

  • any acts of decompiling or reverse engineering of MyHRGoal.com, as well as its associated current or future services and applications, and any attempts at obtaining the source code which is the exclusive property of MyHRGoal.com;
  • the use of the MyHRGoal.com trademark and the use of MyHRGoal.com Services for purposes other than those defined in this Agreement;
  • the use of solutions and/or methods aimed at retrieving/adding/modifying/altering contacts and/or data as well as partial information relating to the contacts present on MyHRGoal.com, other than those envisaged and present within MyHRGoal.com Services;
  • any attempts at forcing or compromising the security of MyHRGoal.com Services both through direct and indirect actions, including with the intervention of third parties, or through solutions of a technological nature used to cause damage, overloading and malfunctioning of MyHRGoal.com Services and of the servers that enable it to function correctly, including those associated with the Services and channels directly present or linked to MyHRGoal.com;
  • duplicating, authorising, sub-licensing, publishing, circulating, transmitting, distributing, producing, viewing, selling, branding or otherwise transferring information found on MyHRGoal.com (except for the Content legitimately sent by the User), including any information retrieved from the repository, save as in the manner permitted under this Agreement subject to the terms and policies of the developer of MyHRGoal.com or as expressly authorised by MyHRGoal.com;
  • using the information, Content or all data that the Users view or obtain from MyHRGoal.com in order to provide any service in competition with MyHRGoal.com;
  • implying or stating, directly or indirectly, to be a representative of, or to be referred by, MyHRGoal.com, unless a written agreement has been entered into with MyHRGoal.com;
  • adapting, modifying or creating derivative works based on MyHRGoal.com or on the technology underlying the Services or Content of other Users, wholly or partly, unless with the express consent of MyHRGoal.com;
  • leasing, lending, marketing, selling or reselling access to MyHRGoal.com or to any information or similar, present therein, whether wholly or partly;
  • selling, sponsoring or capitalising on any of MyHRGoal.com Services or features (including the Groups) without the express prior written consent of MyHRGoal.com;
  • deep-linking to the web site for whatever purpose, (including a link to a MyHRGoal.com web page except for MyHRGoal.com home page) unless with the express prior written consent of MyHRGoal.com;
  • removing any notice of copyright, trademark or other exclusive rights contained in or on MyHRGoal.com, including those held by MyHRGoal.com and the related licensors;
  • removing, covering or otherwise concealing any form of advertising on MyHRGoal.com;
  • collecting, using or transferring each piece of information, including but not limited to, personal information, obtained from MyHRGoal.com unless expressly authorised under this Licence agreement or to the extent permitted by the holder of such information;
  • sharing information on Users without their express consent;
  • using manual or automated software, devices, robot scripts, other means of access or processes, “scrapes” “crawls” or “spiders” for each web page or other Services present on the site;
  • using bots or other automated methods to add or upload contacts, send or redirect messages or other permitted activities with the exception of the tools approved by MyHRGoal.com;
  • accessing MyHRGoal.com, with manual or automated means or processes, for the purpose of controlling its access, performances or features or for any competitive purposes;
  • performing “framing” or “mirroring” activities or otherwise simulating the appearance or function of the MyHRGoal.com site;
  • attempting to access or actually accessing MyHRGoal.com with whatever means, except through the interfaces provided by MyHRGoal.com or by browsing www.MyHRGoal.com with a web browser. This prohibition includes access or attempted access to MyHRGoal.com by using third-party services, including software platforms whose service consists of providing the option to combine simultaneous access to multiple services, including MyHRGoal.com.

6. MyHRGoal.com Services

MyHRGoal.com grants to Users a personal, non-geographically restricted, non-transferable, not subject to sub-licensing, non-exclusive and revocable licence to use the Services through the consultation of a web browser available on fixed or mobile devices or, in the future, through a special application dedicated to mobile devices. MyHRGoal.com Services are being constantly developed, improved and updated and their form and nature may be subject to change from time to time, including without advance notice. More specifically, by accepting this Agreement, Users will be entitled to use the beta version of MyHRGoal.com Services which, as such, may present features subject to improvement. MyHRGoal.com does not have and will not have any obligation other than the one regulated within the scope of the provisions laid down in this Agreement. MyHRGoal.com may be, and will be, subject to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and update activities which may result in the total or partial interruption of all or part of the direct and indirect Services linked to MyHRGoal.com which will take any appropriate action at its complete discretion. Furthermore, Users acknowledge and accept that MyHRGoal.com may save and store the available Content in a special repository, thereby associating the name of the User-author of the same Content to each Content. However, MyHRGoal.com does not have the obligation to guarantee the continued presence of the information published or entered by Users, nor does it have the obligation to store it in any way so as to make it possible to retrieve such information from previous mass storage operations. The potential loss of information and/or data present on MyHRGoal.com does not entitle Users to any claims of compensation. MyHRGoal.com may adapt or amend the Content in order to bring it in line with any requirements or restrictions of any network, device, Service or media. Furthermore and in any event, MyHRGoal.com reserves the right to set limits to the use and storage of the data at its sole discretion, at any time and without advance notice. MyHRGoal.com reserves the right (but will not be under an obligation) to remove or refuse at any time the distribution of the Content, to suspend or terminate user profiles without any liability whatsoever vis-à-vis the Users. MyHRGoal.com also reserves the right to access, read, store and disclose any information deemed necessary in order to: (i) comply with applicable laws, regulations, legal proceedings or administrative requests, (ii) enforce the adherence to this Agreement, (iii) identify, prevent or otherwise deal with fraud or issues related to security or of a technical nature, (iv) respond to support requests from users, (v) protect the rights, property or security of MyHRGoal.com, its users and third parties.

7. Software programs and applications linked to MyHRGoal.com

MyHRGoal.com may and will develop and provide software programs and applications such as plug-ins, mobile apps, etc., directly linked or that can be linked to MyHRGoal.com or to a part of the information and/or data contained therein.

8. User's responsibilities

Users are required to compensate MyHRGoal.com and to hold MyHRGoal.com harmless against all and any damages to property or people arising from the defaulting or in any event unlawful conduct of the same User, thereby undertaking any liability, including property liability, and bearing the costs of whatsoever nature that MyHRGoal.com. may incur, including by way of a mere advance payment, as a result of charges associated with third-party claims, investigations carried out by the legal authorities, directly attributable to the User's failure to adhere to the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement or following the breach of the provisions laid down by the current regulations perpetrated through the use of MyHRGoal.com Services (content, slander, misuse and explicit use of confidential information, etc). MyHRGoal.com grants the option to conduct different transactions among its Users. A transaction is understood to mean any form of contact among MyHRGoal.com Users taking place online or offline through the networking methods provided by MyHRGoal.com. Each contact provides opportunities associated with the exchange of information and/or data that will be visible to other Users, including those who are not directly involved in the transaction process which may take place, including but not limited to, within a MyHRGoal.com group. If the nature of the User's information presents privacy or confidentiality obligations or is subject to third-party rights and is nonetheless voluntarily and/or carelessly disclosed by a User through MyHRGoal.com, the said User may not hold MyHRGoal.com liable under any circumstances for the possible misuse of such information (e.g. copy and paste of the information and/or data by a User not directly involved in the transaction). The information requiring privacy and/or confidentiality obligations must be avoided by the User who, in the event of misuse or misappropriation perpetrated by other Users, may not claim any objective or factual liability against MyHRGoal.com or the products associated therewith. MyHRGoal.com does not have any express or implicit confidentiality obligation, and the User's contributions and/or data must not contain private or confidential information. Should such an eventuality occur and give rise to consequences, it is reiterated that it is the User's sole responsibility whether or not to exercise the option to make that information available from the platform and the services included or dependent on the same.

9. MyHRGoal.com's responsibilities

Users are aware of the fact that MyHRGoal.com does not check or examine the accuracy of the Content published by users on the site. All Content, whether published or sent privately, will be under the sole responsibility of the person from whom the same Content originated. Therefore, MyHRGoal.com does not provide any guarantee as to the accuracy, truthfulness, lawfulness and reliability of the aforesaid Content nor with regards to the source thereof. Moreover, MyHRGoal.com does not guarantee that the use made by the generality of the users of the Services provided does not infringe third-party rights or breach the regulations applicable in the User's country of origin. MyHRGoal.com is under no obligation to verify the truthfulness of the information provided by users during the registration process or their eligibility to enter into this Agreement. For this reason, MyHRGoal.com declines any liability for identity theft or for any illicit use of the identity or information related to the User. Furthermore, MyHRGoal.com does not guarantee that the Service provided will always remain free of charge. MyHRGoal.com does not guarantee that its Services will operate without errors or interruptions, without prejudice to the fact that the operation of the Service may be periodically interrupted on a temporary basis in order to enable its maintenance and updating. Therefore, MyHRGoal.com declines any liability for damage caused by any error or interruption in the operation or malfunctioning of the Services, as well as in relation to any damage to the IT system, such as the loss of the User's data, the loss of Content or other damage arising from the use of the Services by the user. The web site www.MyHRGoal.com may provide links to third-party web sites or resources. Users acknowledge and accept that MyHRGoal.com will not be liable with reference to the availability, accuracy and reliability of such web sites and the content and services present therein. Therefore, all liability associated with the navigation on the said web sites will be borne solely by Users. This is without prejudice, in relation to MyHRGoal.com's obligations, solely to those cases where the liability of MyHRGoal.com vis-à-vis the User arises from wilful misconduct or gross negligence by the same.

10. User's withdrawal

Users may withdraw from this Agreement at any time, including without reason, by entering a value in the special field included in the User profile section. Such notice of withdrawal will be made effective solely once it has been processed by MyHRGoal.com; the said methods of withdrawal may be subsequently modified, for example if any additional Services become available in the future or if it becomes necessary to transform all or part of MyHRGoal.com Services into paid Services, for example by subjecting the same to the compliance of an advance notice period, without prejudice to the User's right to withdraw from the Agreement pursuant to the afore-mentioned rules if he/she does not agree with the new changes made.

11. Rejection of the terms and conditions of the Agreement

If, for whatever reason, a User should decide not to comply with the contractual obligations defined herein because he/she determines that he/she has a right to do so or is required to do so for reasons of an imperative nature, the said User is in any event required to notify MyHRGoal.com by writing to backoffice@myhrgoal.com prior to acting in a manner that is contrary to or inconsistent with the contractual provisions. MyHRGoal.com will be willing to evaluate the reasons provided to justify any conduct that differs from and/or is inconsistent with the obligations accepted by the User under the Agreement without prejudice to MyHRGoal.com's possibility to unilaterally, temporarily and preliminarily suspend the User's account in order to investigate and clarify the reasons for the disagreement or the possibility to unilaterally withdraw from the Agreement if the said disagreement should continue without a positive resolution for the User and MyHRGoal.com

12. Privacy

In order to access MyHRGoal.com Services, in addition to this Agreement, Users will be required to review and accept in full the data processing rules contained in MyHRGoal.com Privacy Policy, which constitutes an integral and essential part of the Agreement itself and regulates all personal details, and other information, which Users freely decide to confirm and/or include on a voluntary basis within MyHRGoal.com. MyHRGoal.com reminds Users that such information may implicitly or explicitly disclose elements such as one's religious or sexual orientation, age, or the User's physical appearance, for example by uploading photographic material depicting the User himself/herself.

13. Final provisions

13.1 Severability

If the clauses of this Agreement are found to be illicit, null or inapplicable by the court of a competent jurisdiction or arbitrator, the unenforceable clause will be amended so as to make it valid and effective to the fullest extent in order to achieve the intended purpose of the clause. If a court or arbitrator finds the amended provision to be invalid, illicit, null or inapplicable, the validity, legality and effectiveness of the remaining clauses of this Agreement will not be howsoever affected.

13.2 Language

In the event whereby MyHRGoal.com has provided a translation in another language of the Italian version of this Agreement, of the Privacy Policy or of any other documentation, Users will acknowledge that the translation is only provided for their convenience and that the Italian version of this Agreement, of the Privacy Policy and of any other documentation will regulate its relations with MyHRGoal.com.

13.3 Full agreement

The User accepts that this Agreement constitutes the entire, complete and exclusive agreement between the User and MyHRGoal.com with regards to the Services and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings, whether written or oral, or established by customs, practice or previous case-law decisions in relation to the object of this Agreement. The User may also be bound to the supplementary general terms and conditions that may be applied when he/she uses or purchases other MyHRGoal.com Services, third-party content or third-party software.

13.4 Contractual amendments

MyHRGoal.com reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the Agreement which become effective with the publication on the www.MyHRGoal.com web site. Any update of a contractual nature, including the Privacy Policy, will be the subject of a communication that can be consulted by accessing MyHRGoal.com and may be the subject, not mandatorily, of special communications sent via the messaging system of MyHRGoal.com Services or through special e-mail communications and/or communications published on the web portal. If the User is not in agreement with the contractual updates, he/she will be entitled to exercise his/her right of withdrawal as specified in paragraph 10 of the Agreement.

13.5 Tolerance

MyHRGoal.com's failure to act with regard to a breach of this Agreement by the User or others does not give rise to a waiver of MyHRGoal.com's right to act with regard to that breach or a similar subsequent one or other breaches.

13.6 Transfer of the Agreement

Users may not transfer or delegate any of the rights or obligations arising from the Agreement. Any apparent transfer or delegation will be null and void. MyHRGoal.com may freely transfer or delegate all the rights and obligations by virtue of the Agreement, wholly or partly. MyHRGoal.com may also replace, with a unilateral novation, having validity solely following notification to the User, MyHRGoal.com with a third party who will undertake the rights and undertakings entered into through this Agreement.

13.7 Communications and notices. Claims

Any communication, notice or notification relating to this Agreement will have to be made by the User in writing and e-mailed to the address backoffice@myhrgoal.com. In the same manner, the User may also report to MyHRGoal.com any malfunctioning of the Services or the commission of abuse by third parties. MyHRGoal.com, including pursuant to art. 13.4, may send messages and notifications to the User in relation to the Services through the publication of notices and banners on the www.MyHRGoal.com web site or via e-mail to the address associated with the User's account.

13.8 Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

This Agreement, its fulfilment and interpretation and any dispute arising from MyHRGoal.com Services are governed under and subject to the laws of Italy regardless of the User's nationality and the Country from which the User accesses MyHRGoal.com. In the event of a dispute, a pro bono and equo resolution will be attempted on a preliminary basis and, failing this, and in any event when it is impossible to reach a mutual settlement of the case within 60 days of its commencement, the solely competent Court will be that of Rome, Italy.